The swimming pool and the organic olive grove

More time, more nature, more pleasure, more relax.

“A silent invitation to live and enjoy your holidays with all the senses,
a natural scenery of which you will not be
mere spectators but protagonists”.

The hotel park hosts the 2 panoramic, infinity swimming pools (one of which for children),
and a large sunbathing area where to enjoy
nonpareil moments of leisure and lightheartedness.  Set in a unique natural
environment among citrus, oleanders and the organic olive grove grown
on the characteristic terracing.

The Organic olive grove

For centuries the Family’s passion

The organic olive grove surrounding Hotel Villa Florida has been the ancient passion of our family for centuries.

Today, besides having improved its visual harmony, the olive grove is in the condition to increase the production of quality olives.

We are confident that our efforts will ensure the well-being of our Guests, who will be able to relax in the green of  a unique, clean and silent setting, looking at the light blue water of Lake Garda.

The production of  the precious extra-virgin Garda  olive oil

Traditionally Parco Alto Garda’ olive oil is produced in limited quantity because of the morphological characteristics of our territory and is universally considered one of the lightest and most perfumed oils in the world.

In our organic olive grove the organic fertilization is carried out in November through sowing of manuring; pruning takes place in spring, followed by a late one in summer, aiming at eliminating apical branches to substitute them with underlying ones, and the olives are picked by hand only when they reach complete ripeness.

On the day of the harvest, the olives are delivered to the oil mill by Gianmario,  to be subjected to cold pressing.


in an incomparable natural  scenery.