The hotel’s pride and a treat for our guests.

Hotel Villa Florida’s pride, by now praised in every language, is the buffet breakfast. Rich and tasty, chracterized by the presence of typical products of the territory (local products) and by organic ones.

Aware and alert to new food disciplines, we propose variations for gluten intolerant, for vegetarians and vegans.


On fine days breakfast is served on the terrace “Panorama dell’Angelo”, a name inspired by the celestial view you can enjoy from here.

Belvedere is  included in a characteristic “limonaia” (lemon greenhouse) made of stone and wood, which still nowadays produces lemons, tangerines, cedars, grapefruits and perfumed bitter oranges. Under the elegant white gazebo we lay the tables with care, often decorating them with the wildflowers our organic olive grove is rich in.


Breakfast can be served in the elegant room adjoining the terrace, with the utmost care for the mise en place and a scenographic buffet.


Cold cuts, cheese (many local types, linked to the territory), local extra virgin olive oil. Local capers, lemons, pomegranates. Homemade cakes with organic eggs. Local honey and various types of jam, fruit-juice, fresh fruit and vegetable centrifuges, cereal, organic yoghurts, fresh croissants, homemade salty pies or quiches, various types of fresh bread, seasonal fruit and vegetables, eggs (served at table or to be boiled to taste). Table service of hot drinks and different types of milk.